Apartments and Academia: Research Roundup

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It's the end of May, when college students across the country are concluding their studies for the year. Many of these students, especially those in the post-graduate levels of education, are enjoying a return to normal life following the completion of research, writing and thesis defenses. But for many of them, the final product of all their work will only be seen by their family, friends, and a handful of professors and academics. (They don't call it the "Ivory Tower" for nothing.)

As far as I'm concerned it simply isn't fair to do all that work for such a small audience. So today I'm going to be highlighting some recent dissertations and thesis papers created by Masters and Doctoral students from across the country, from a variety of disciplines, all focusing on some aspect of rental housing.

I don't know any of these authors personally and have no ties to any of the universities that sponsored their work. I don't necessarily agree with their methods or their conclusions. But each of these authors and their advisors did a ton of work and I think that someone out here should make an effort to recognize it. I found them by searching through databases of open access dissertations including ProQuest Open, Ebsco, NDLTD and Google Scholar and selected these in an attempt to show the breadth of rental industry scholarship. None of the essays linked below were trapped behind paywalls at the time this article went live.

I know that many of our regular readers were/are also in academia, so I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. If you're an author of one of the essays linked below and want to discuss your research let us know at @RentConfident on Twitter or Facebook, or drop us a note using our contact form.

Integrating Flexibility and Sustainability to Define a New Net-Zero Apartment Building Prototype
by Amber E. Galko, M.S.
The University of Arizona, 2015, 35 pages

Defining success in low income housing: Why does it matter?
by Katherine S. Nutter, M.A.
California State University, Long Beach, 2016, 167 pages

Assessing the Relationship between Employee Training and Organizational Commitment in Rental Housing Management Firms
by Shawn R. Person, Ph.D.
Capella University, 2018, 182 pages

The Economic and health consequences of lead paint abatement regulations
by Ludovica A. Gazze, Ph.D.
MIT, 2016, 172 pages

Resident Retention: Understanding and Predicting On-Campus Residents' Decisions to Return to Campus Housing
by Kyle David Smith, Ed.D.
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2017, 201 pages

Ranking of Mortgage Underwriting Criteria for Multifamily Rental Property
by Tejram Basdeo, D.BA
Walden University, 2017, 127 pages

Intake Resident Assessments for Seniors Living in HUD-Sponsored Affordable Housing Apartment Communities
by Kiara Banks, M.S.
California State University, Long Beach, 2019, 58 pages

Two Windows: The Tenants of the De Freyne Rent Strike 1901-1903
by Daphne Dyer Wolf, Ph.D.
Drew University, 2019, 328 pages

Social Service Administration:
Privatizing Chicago: The politics of urban redevelopment in public housing reforms
by Amy Turnbull Khare, Ph.D.
The University of Chicago, 2016, 319 pages

A policy to protect hoarders: An analysis of Fair Housing Amendments Act, 1988
by Mina Jahan, M.S.W.
California State University, Long Beach. 2015, 81 pages

Urban Studies:
The campaign for the tenant right to purchase in Greater Boston
by David Tisel, M.S.
MIT, 2018, 113 pages

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