Top 10 Rejected Names for RentConfident

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Brainstorming is a funny thing. Everyone always says "remember...there are no bad ideas." Of course there are bad ideas! There are terrible ideas! But naming an apartment research company is no easy task, and we had to get through the bad ideas to get to the good ones. Here are our ten favorite rejected names for RentConfident:

10) TMI Apartment Research

9) LeaseCocky

8) The Rental Hygienists

7) Comprehensive Open Government Data Web Research Reports for Chicago Residential Apartments and Rental Homes Limited Liability Corporation

6) Apartment Reports R Us

5) Complete Rental Breakdown

4) Law & Order, Apartment Research Unit

3) Landlord Peeper

2) The Lessor Evil

1) Kay & Jon's Happy Fun Company

Published by

Jon Hoferle