10 Ways That Chicago Renters Can Get Involved in the Community

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Renters have a bad reputation that causes local homeowners to push back against building new apartments in their neighborhoods. They're accused of being transient residents who take from a community's resources without giving anything back. They're only in the area for a short while and don't feel it's necessary to get involved in local events. They may not have money to donate to local causes.

This sort of attitude is detrimental to all renters. When owners see renters as unwelcome second class citizens it makes it harder for all renters to find housing. It fosters segregation and discrimination. Renters need to make an effort to get involved in the neighborhood activities around them.

Most renters are in town for a least a year and have some spare time on their hands. Here are some inexpensive, short-term ways that renters can fight back against the bad reputation that follows them around.

1. Attend CAPS meetings

The Chicago police have a system called CAPS (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy) which allows civilians to assist with the policing of their neighborhood. Each beat has an open meeting with police officers from their local department present on a regular basis. Continue reading 10 Ways That Chicago Renters Can Get Involved in the Community

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Kay Cleaves

The Naughtiest and Nicest Landlords of 2015

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Do you think your landlord should be getting coal in their stocking? Or do they deserve some baked goods and a quality bottle of scotch? Lest you think your landlord is the best or the worst in the world, check out our list of 5 landlords who went to extremes to secure their places on Santa's list, be they naughty or nice.

The Naughty:

Landlord: Davin Gartley, Mt. Lebanon, PA
Crime: Failing to pay fines on numerous outstanding health and housing code violations at his rental properties. Running a drug and prostitution operation out of one of his Pittsburgh rental properties. Learn More.
Status: Briefly jailed. Fined $14400 for the multiple violations. Prostitution case is ongoing with the next hearing scheduled for February. Continue reading The Naughtiest and Nicest Landlords of 2015

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Kay Cleaves

10 Chicago non-profits that need your help this holiday season

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Shelter is a basic human need and a basic human right. As an apartment research company, we know that many Chicagoans struggle to find and maintain consistent shelter and that this struggle is interconnected with many other basic human needs.

Today we would like to recognize some non-profits that serve Chicago communities by providing access to shelter, food, health care, education, employment, technology, and other services. Please consider donating or volunteering your time and skills to any of these organizations.

Organizations are listed in alphabetical order.

Albany Park Workers Center (a division of the Latino Union)

latino unionWhat they do: coordinate the process of hiring day laborers to eliminate incidents of wage theft. Train laborers to ensure that employers get reliable help. English and workplace safety classes.

Who they help: Day laborers, particularly immigrants.

How you can help: Hire a laborer to help with construction, moving, shoveling or other short term manual labor projects. Donate funds to assist with other programs that help day laborers.

Founded: 2004

Annual Revenue: $540k (Latino Union)

Location: Albany Park (Workers Center) / Pilsen (Latino Union)

Continue reading 10 Chicago non-profits that need your help this holiday season

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