Research Sources: A History of Renters’ Rights in Chicago

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Sources are in order of publication date, if known. Undated articles and encyclopedia articles are at the end of each section. Links were all active as of April 2016, but may go dead at anytime. Newspaper and law journal articles may be found in most cases by searching their title in your search engine of choice.

Asterisk (*) indicates Chicago Public Library account is required to view the link.

Part 1: 1881-1963

  • “New Joan of Arc Leads Rent Strike”, New York Times, December 27, 1907.
  • Standard Form, Chicago Restrictive Covenant, 1927 Link
  • A History of Equal Housing in the Northern Suburbs,” Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs and Shorefront, January 2008. Link
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Part 2: 1964-1972

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  • The Contract Buyers' League (blog) Link

Part 3: 1972-1981

  • Council Urges Chicago Form Distinct State”, Chicago Tribune, Jun 25, 1925.
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Part 4: 1982-1986

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Part 5: 1986-2016

  • US Census Bureau, “Census of Population and Housing, 1970” Link
  • Elizabeth Brenner, “A Chicagoan proposes a tenants' Bill of Rights,” Chicago Tribune, Oct 1 1978.
  • Richard Magnone, “Bad apple spoils the bunch as godfather of CRLTO cases pleads guilty to fraud charges,”, Apr 11 2012.
  • Steve Miller, “10 Years Later, Porch Collapse Survivor Says 'I Cringe When I Think About This',” CBS Chicago, June 14 2013
  • Landlord Sued in South Side Blaze That Killed 4 Children”, CBS Chicago, Sept 10 2014
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  • 2003 Chicago Balcony Collapse, Wikipedia Link
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  • City of Chicago, Office of the City Clerk, Journal of the Proceedings for the following dates when the CRLTO was amended. Link
    • Sept 12 1986, p 33919
    • Nov 6 1991, p 7196
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    • Sept 4 2003, p 7118
    • Oct 1 2003, p 9163
    • Mar 31 2004, p 20916
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    • Nov 26 2013, p 67481

Case Law

No case files or numbers are available online for the case of Creighton Leiter v. Grace and Byron Watkins, but several Chicago Tribune articles attest to its existence.


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