[QUIZ] What’s Your Apartment Hunting Personality?

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Have you ever wondered if you’re too picky about your apartments? Do you want to know how you stack up against other apartment hunters when it comes to your wants and needs? Take the RentConfident Apartment Hunting Personality Quiz and find out! The quiz will let you know if agents are secretly laughing at your over-the-top demands or if slumlords see you as an easy mark. As an added bonus, we’ll let you know how your tastes translate into the Confidence Factor that appears on every RentConfident Signature Report.

The RentConfident Confidence Factor is a score between 1 and 100 that measures the risks of renting an apartment. A higher Confidence Factor means it's less likely that your apartment choice will cause you personal loss, injury, or annoyance. But people have different lifestyles, budgets, and values. Just as some students in school are only happy with straight A's, other students are perfectly fine with a passing grade. That is to say, everyone's ideal Confidence Factor is different.

Take the quiz below. Find out how you stack up against your friends. Maybe you’ll find a compatible roommate when you share your score!

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